Big Matters Jumbo Universal Remote Programming Instructions

By J. Anthony Cooley

Big Matters Jumbo Universal Remote Programming Instructions
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The Big Matters Jumbo Universal Remote is an oversized remote control that is easy to see and too big to get lost in the couch cushions. This hefty remote is for people with bad eye sight and the large buttons make the programming process easier as well. To program the remote, you press a specific sequence of buttons and enter a specialized code for the device you are programming. The entire process takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Turn on the device to which you want to program the remote. Download the User's Manual from the Remote Central website and locate the codes list for your device. (See References)

Press and hold the button that matches the type of device you are programming to the remote (such as TV, VCR, DVD, SAT and CAB) for three seconds, until the indicator light illuminates.

Enter the code for your device by pressing the corresponding numbers into the number pad. You must do this within 30 seconds of the indicator light illuminating. Afterward, the indicator light shuts off. Aim the remote at the device and press the "Power" button. If the device shuts off, the code worked. If the device remains on, repeat the process using a different code and continue to do so until one of the codes works.