How to Do a Bifold in InDesign

by William Pullman
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Adobe InDesign enables you to create a variety of printed documents, from books that run a thousand pages to one-page flyers. Creating a bifold brochure or pamphlet in InDesign starts with the document setup, where you define the page margins, orientation and the location of the fold. Once set up, you can add your artwork and text, and then manipulate both until you get the design you're looking for.

Page Setup

Step 1

Click "File," select "New," and then click "Document" to open the New Document window.

Step 2

Type "2" (omit the quotes) in the "Number of Pages" text box. You need two pages for designing the front and back of the brochure.

Step 3

Click the "Page Size" drop-down menu, select the page size for your brochure, and then click the "Landscape" page orientation.

Step 4

Type "2" (omit the quotes) in the Columns Number text box to set the location of the fold.

Enter any changes to the margins, as needed, and then click "OK." Two pages appear in InDesign, with two vertical lines in the middle representing the fold.

Adding Images

Step 1

Click "File," select "Place," navigate to the picture you want to add, and then double-click it. A thumbnail view of the image appears under the mouse pointer.

Step 2

Move the pointer to the location where you want to place the image in the brochure.

Step 3

Click and hold the mouse button, and then move the mouse to size the image. Release the mouse button to place the image. To place the image at full size, click and release the mouse button.

Step 4

Click and hold any of the small squares on the border of the picture, and then move the mouse to change the size of the image. The squares on the corners of the border change the size while retaining the image proportions, while the other squares affect only the height or width of the image.

Click and hold the image, and then move the mouse around to change its location.

Add Text

Step 1

Click the "T" button in the Tools bar to activate the Type tool.

Step 2

Click and hold the mouse in the section of the brochure where you want to add text, and then drag the mouse to create a text box.

Step 3

Type your text. Depending on your brochure design, you may want to change the default text style to make it easier to read.

Highlight the text in the box, and then use the Character Formatting Controls, located under the menu bar, to change the font type, size and color.


  • Information in this article applies to Adobe InDesign CC. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.


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