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Shopping on Beezit Penny Auctions comes down to strategy. Each bid raises the auction by only a penny, but it also extends the auction time, so there are no last minute bids like you'd do on Ebay. Bidders must weigh the overall cost of their bids and the fact that the bid will not only extend the auction time but it will also cost between 60 cents and a dollar. Finding free bids can keep you ahead of the game, eliminating one of the factors in this balancing act.

Step 1

Register as a new user on the Beezid Penny Auctions website. Once you type in your information and set up a profile, you are awarded 10 free bids. Occasionally, if you navigate away from the registration page, the site will offer you more free bids via a pop-up window for continuing to sign up. Make sure to enter all the required information, including a verifiable email address, to properly register and receive your 10 free bids. Confirm registration via your email address.

Step 2

Refer a friend to the Beezid site. When they register, ask them to put your member name in the "referred by" box. Once your friend proceeds through the registration and confirms their email address, you will be awarded five free bids.

Step 3

Check your member inbox on a daily basis. Beezit regularly has promotions that include free bids, especially for newer users. They also offer coupons and 100 percent off the purchase price of an auction item you win.

Visit a coupon website, such as Retail Me Not, to shop for Beezid bid coupons. Sites like this offer free bids as well as heavily discounted bid packages.


  • If you visit third party sites searching for free bids, do not enter your credit card information on sites that do not have a VeriSign symbol or other similar security device present.


  • Check the contest section of the website to see if any contests involve free bids.


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