About BidClerk

By Isabel Prontes

BidClerk is the Internet's only search engine that is devoted entirely to the construction industry. The goal of BidClerk is to provide access to vital business information for the purposes of problem solving and answering questions, as well as offering access to important information regarding construction projects that take place all across the United States. The majority of the results that are delivered through BidClerk focus on the single-family residential and commercial industries to make searching easier (so users don't have to sift through millions of irrelevant sites).


BidClerk is a convenient website/search engine that focuses on construction, home improvement, repair and remodeling. Not only can users use BidClerk as a source for relevant construction-industry information and news, but they can submit information so contractors in their area can get back to them with competitive bids.


BidClerk's headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois (there are two separate locations in the city), but company employees work on both residential and commercial projects all across the United States. BidClerk is extremely varied in the types of projects they focus on. From bath remodeling, plumbing, landscaping and house painting to fixing leaky pipes, BidClerk aims to function as a "go-to" website addressing any and every construction or building-repair issue you could have.


Membership on BidClerk is reserved on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. Users are billed about $50 monthly. A membership can be canceled at any time. Members acquire full access to all areas of the BidClerk website, including detailed project and contact information. Annual membership costs about $480.


BidClerk members have unlimited access to project information per a single licensed user. This means that BidClerk members can obtain all bidding information, essential project details, project documents (such as bidders' plans, specifications and lists), site maps and project photographs.


It is absolutely forbidden for a BidClerk member to share an account with another party. Doing so violates BidClerk's licensing policy and terms of service (which members must agree to when they sign up on the website). If you are found guilty of sharing an account with another person, your account could be at risk of termination, and you might have to pay additional fees.