How to Bid on eBay Without Being a Member

by Kathryn Hatter

Ebay is a popular Internet auction site that hosts millions of listings. If you are new to eBay and are exploring the site, eBay makes it possible for a potential member to use the site to make purchases without becoming a member. A guest may shop on eBay without registering and becoming a member. Guests can make as many as 15 purchases by using eBay’s “Buy It Now” option.


Visit (see Resources below for a link) and click the “Buy” tab at the top of the webpage.


Browse through the categories to find items you are interested in purchasing. Alternatively, enter the name of an item for which you wish to search into the field at the top of the page and click “Search.” Guests may purchase items that cost under $2,000 from sellers with “Feedback Scores” of over 50 (approval ratings over 98 percent).


Click “Buy It Now Only” at the top of the list of items to narrow your item list to only items for sale that you can use the “Buy It Now” feature. Guests may purchase items using “Buy It Now” only.


Sort the items by “Best Match,” “Time” or “Price” to find an item you are interested in purchasing. Make sure the item fits the criteria mentioned in Step 2.


Click “Buy It Now” when you find an item you wish to purchase. Proceed through the purchase process by following the prompts. Pay for your item using a credit card through either PayPal or ProPay.


  • check Be aware that purchasing items as a guest will not allow you to track orders, leave feedback or manage your purchase through the “My eBay” account service.
  • check After purchasing 15 items as a guest, you will be required to become an eBay member to continue making purchases.

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