How to Go Beyond the Maximum Volume of a Laptop

by Benjamin Aries
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The speakers found in many laptop computers are small and lightweight, and therefore have limited volume capability. However, if the sound from your laptop is too quiet even when the volume level is set to maximum, you can use Windows to boost the audio. A feature called Loudness Equalization increases the laptop's volume digitally, so you can make the most of your laptop speakers.

Step 1

Click on the speaker icon, which is located in the Windows system tray on the bottom right corner of the screen. An audio mixer appears.

Step 2

Click the large speaker icon on the top of the audio mixer. The speaker properties window displays.

Step 3

Choose the "Levels" tab, and then verify that the speaker volume is at the maximum level. If the speakers are not at full volume, slide the "Speakers" adjustment to the right to raise the audio volume.

Choose the "Enhancements" tab, check the box marked "Loudness Equalization," and then click "Apply."


  • If your laptop audio is still too quiet after you apply Loudness Equalization, consider using headphones or an external set of speakers. These can greatly increase the volume from your computer.


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