Which Is Better, a Desktop or Laptop Computer?

by Emma Taylor

Benefits of a Laptop

A laptop requires takes up less space. It requires only one power cord because all components are built into one unit. It can be taken anywhere you'd like to work. Since Wi-Fi is available in many public places, a laptop enables you to access the Internet away from home.

Benefits of a Desktop

A desktop computer can be more powerful than a laptop computer. It can be upgraded as the need arises for more memory or more powerful components, such as a larger monitor or better video card. Desktop computers generally cost less.

Bottom Line

While laptops are more expensive than desktops, the intended use is the main factor in this decision. If you are a gamer, want something powerful or enjoy upgrading your computer, a desktop might be best for you. If you want something mainly for accessing the Internet or would like to take your work you wherever you go, then a laptop would be the better choice.