Benefits of Using VoIP

by Cynthia Tucker

Many people are giving up their landlines and switching to Voice over Internet Protocol to make phone calls. VoIP allows users to make calls over the Internet. It has many benefits such as lower monthly fees, cheaper long distance, portability, and features that users of traditional phone services have come to expect and depend on.

Lower Monthly Fees

VoIP phone service typically costs less than traditional service from your local phone company. Some services are free; others have inexpensive monthly fees. For this reason, people often eliminate their traditional phone service in favor of VoIP services. Those who switch to VoIP can save up to 50 percent on their monthly phone bills, according to an article from Programmer World.

Cheaper Long Distance

Long distance calls made via traditional phone service can be expensive, especially for those who make frequent international calls. VoIP long distance and international rates are more affordable. Some VoIP providers don't charge a per-minute fee. They instead charge a flat rate or they don't charge at all.


If you have a VoIP phone or VoIP adapter, you may be able to take it with you wherever you go. You can turn any place that has an Internet connection into a home office. You save money by not using the hotel phone, which typically charges for each call you make.


VoIP services offer many of the features users have come to expect when using traditional phone services. Services available can include caller ID, voice mail, extra phone numbers, non-local area codes, fax, call waiting and call forwarding. Users can also hold a conference call with several people or share pictures with people in different states or countries.

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