What Are the Benefits of LCD Projectors in Schools?

By Joe Butler

Projectors make presentations viewable to large audiences.
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Many of us have a picture in our heads of a typical teacher filling the whole classroom blackboard up with lines of math problems to solve or sentences to diagram. But many modern instructors have new teaching tools at their disposal, such as digital projectors that will project whatever is on a computer onto a wall or screen and doesn’t require any erasers, messy chalk dust or that horrible squeaking, scratching noise that blackboards tend to make.

Easier to Connect

The Langwitches, a worldwide group of teachers researching and blogging about quality writing, have found plenty to like about LCD projectors, including that all students in a classroom can see all the information on a computer. In the past, students would have to take turns or crowd around a standard-sized monitor, and some students would complain that it was hard to see.

New Types of Lessons

Though overheads, white boards and chalkboards are able to present the same information to every student, a computer tied into a LCD projector can offer much more innovative displays, such as geography lessons by touring Google Earth, watching live webcams from different parts of the community, or streaming educational videos.

Ease of Use

Connecting projectors with computers used to require the services of an audio/video specialist to learn and present new technology, according to the Journal, a technology-oriented site for the educational community. However, teachers want to learn how to operate the equipment themselves so they can control their lessons and the material they show their students, and they can troubleshoot technical problems if they occur.

Ease of Understanding

A study of teachers who use projectors say that the projector presents new ways to reach students, according to the Journal. Instead of a teacher just talking at the front of the classroom or writing words on the board, the projector allows the presentation of text, audio, graphics or video. This is more entertaining for the students and improves the likelihood they will comprehend the lessons.