The Benefits & Disadvantages of Primavera Contract Manager Software

By Matt McGew

Oracle developed the Primavera Contract Manager application to support the integration of every aspect of a project. As a contractor, coordinating a project’s information can become challenging. Using Primavera Contract Manager, the contractor can use the application’s interface to access the right information at the right time. This gives the contractor a clear picture of the timetables associated with a specific project.


Primavera Contract Manager features several tools that help contractors manage projects, regardless of the project size. The application can generate detailed reports about the status of a project at any time. These reports include information about forecast costs, budgets, deliverables and previously established project goals. Additionally, Primavera Contract Manager helps to keep track of each phase of the project using complete project controls.


Although Primavera Contract Manager helps to effectively manage projects, the application does have several disadvantages. To coordinate a project, Primavera Contract Manager uses a network system to collect information from other members of the project. This helps to ensure up-to-date information. However, the network system also makes the application vulnerable to network problems. Additionally, multiple individuals entering information can result in the input of inaccurate or conflicting information into the application.


The application creates a new dialog box for every aspect of the project. Team members from different parts of the project can communicate and make modifications to these dialog boxes. The project manager can also give specified employees and clients access to this information. This helps to foster an environment of transparency in communications between all parties, and helps workers to build a strong reputation in the industry.

Time Management

Every project has a time limit. Finishing the project on time and on or under budget helps to make the project a success. The Primavera Contract Manager application can help an organization meet these goals. For example, the application can help an organization manage an accurate timetable of deliveries, order changes, approvals, rejections and payments. Additionally, the application supports effective time management by tracking the status of the project through daily reports.