How to Benchmark the iPhone

by Shawn Farner

If you've ever wondered how powerful your iPhone actually is, there are ways to test, or "benchmark," its performance in certain situations. There are several benchmarking apps available in the App Store, and each can test different facets of your iPhone -- for example, CPU speed, memory speed and storage read/write speed -- and report back with a score that you can compare with other smartphones on the market.

PerformanceTest Mobile


Download the PerformanceTest Mobile app from the App Store. Launch the app after the download is complete.


Tap on the type of benchmark you'd like to run. PerformanceTest Mobile includes many different tests, including a CPU, memory and graphics test.


Tap the "Run Benchmark" button to have the app run through a series of tests. When complete, the app displays the results of the benchmark tests.



Download the Linpack app from the App Store, and then launch the app on your iPhone. The Linpack app only performs CPU tests.


Set your options for your CPU test, such as the problem size -- the higher the number, the more time the CPU needs to finish -- the number of times the test will be run, and whether you want to enable multithread mode.


Tap the "Start" button to begin your test.

3D Benchmark


Download the 3D Benchmark app from the App Store, and then launch it on your iPhone.


Tap the "Benchmark" button to have the app run your iPhone through a 3D benchmark test to gauge the power of your iPhone's graphics processor.


Tap the "Post Result" button if you'd like to post your benchmark results online, or press the Home button to exit the app and return to the home screen.


  • PerformanceTest Mobile requires iOS 3.0 or later; Linpack requires iOS 4.3 or later; and 3D Benchmark requires iOS 2.2.1 or later.

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