How to Become a Wholesaler of the iPhone

by John Mitchell
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The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones on the market, allowing its users to make phone calls, snap pictures, listen to music and share their digital life from their mobile device. It has a sleek, sophisticated and well-thought design that appeals to a range of buyers. For these reasons, wholesale retailers want their share of the profits. If you meet Apple's minimum requirements, then you should apply for their Apple Authorized Reseller program. If accepted, you can buy iPhones at a steep discount and resell them for a profit.


Step 1

Check if your company meets the minimum eligibility for the Apple Authorized Reseller program.

Step 2

Provide a business plan to Apple on how you plan to successfully sell Apple products. Decide if you would like to sell any other Apple product besides the iPhone. You may decide to sell the Apple iPod Touch for those buyers who do not want phone features.

Step 3

Furnish Apple with the required documents and photographs: your company's business license, a general liability insurance certificate and photos of each sales location. The pictures must include interior and exterior shots. Additionally, you must give proof of any Apple or third-party certifications.

Step 4

Hand over a copy of your tax exempt certification, if necessary. This only applies to non-profit organizations and entities. If this applies to your organization, you must supply a certificate for both the federal and state tax exemptions.

Submit a list of three vendor, industry or client references that can vouch for your company and operations.


Step 1

Verify that your company can meet the minimum requirements for the Apple reseller program.

Step 2

Commit to purchasing at least a minimum of $100,000 annually from Apple.

Step 3

Make sure that your company has been operating in business for at least two years. Additionally, you must have Apple or third-party certification for the Apple products you wish to sell and at least half of your working staff must receive the certification training.

Maintain at least one employee who has become an Apple Associate certificate holder for iLife, iWork or Mac OS X. This requirement is still applicable if all you desire is to sell iPhones at your location, since you can sell any Apple product later on.

Application Process

Step 1

Go to the Apple Authorized Reseller application on the Apple website.

Step 2

Review the pre-application checklist on the "Welcome" page.

Step 3

Read the legal disclosure and click the "I Agree" button if you agree.

Step 4

Fill out the Apple Authorized Reseller application by providing your business information, locations, contacts and supporting documents.

Confirm the application before submitting, then click the "Submit" button.

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