How to Become a Tracfone Vendor

by James Johnson

Tracfone is a pre-paid cell phone provider that has been in business for more than a decade. Tracfone offers service through over 70,000 various retail locations that include large retailers such as Walmart all the way down to small mom and pop stores. At each retail location Tracfone users can purchase cell phones and pre-paid calling cards for their cellular devices, while the company also offers an excellent vendor program that's easy to sign up for and start selling with. Learn how to contact Tracfone to set yourself up as a service vendor or as an online affiliate marketer.


Visit; at the bottom of the main page you will find a link called "Vendor Code." Acquaint yourself with that code, as it's the backbone of the Tracfone vendor agreement.


Email Tracfone at the corporate office using the email address:, to let them know that you want to sign up to sell their phones and service. Also, let the representative know that you have read and agree with their Vendor Code.


Call customer service as a second means to contact the company in a faster manner. The customer service number is 1-800-867-7183. Tell the Customer Service Rep that you speak with that you'd like to become a vendor and that you would like to speak with an agent.


You can also sign up as an "Affiliate" via the "Affiliate" link at the bottom of the homepage. Affiliate's market Tracfone products via websites and other marketing campaigns while earning a set amount of money per sale. CommissionJunction handles the Tracfone affiliate program online.

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