How to Become an Online Auction Listing Agent

By Marilyn Lindblad

Photographing items is a service that listing agents provide.
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An online auction listing agent, sometimes called a trading assistant, sells clients' property on online auction sites. The service appeals to customers who want to sell valuable items online, but they don't know how to begin. Some auction sites have official programs for trading assistants, while others let agents and customers work out the details on their own. If you've already sold items on online auctions, you probably have the skills you need to become a listing agent.

Step 1

Open a seller's account with an online auction service. The site you sell on determines the requirements for a seller's account, so read each site's requirements. One major site requires sellers to link their accounts to an online payment account so the site can automatically collect selling fees. Another site requires sellers to provide business references.

Step 2

Buy or sell items with your seller's account to build your feedback and reputation scores on each site. Complete each transaction promptly to earn positive feedback. One well-known auction site requires trading assistants to have a feedback score of at least 100, with 98 percent positive feedback. In addition, the site requires that you sell at least 10 items in the three months immediately prior to the time you sign up to become a trading assistant.

Step 3

Read and accept the listing agent agreement on the site you wish to use. Sign up online to link your online selling account to your trading assistant account. On one major site, linking your selling account to your trading assistant account includes you in a directory of trading assistants that helps customers find you.