How to Become a Laptop Tester

By Lee Johnson

Becoming a laptop tester isn't easy
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Search online for "laptop testers wanted" and you'll be bombarded with websites promising free laptops in exchange for your opinions. The websites will ask you to sign up for other offers and a whole host of trials and competitions. But you won't test a laptop through these promotions. Professionals who test laptops work in a challenging industry and must have information-technology experience.

Take computer classes or enroll in an IT certification program. Laptop testers have to install programs, troubleshoot problems and test technology. If you don't have a degree in a relevant field, consider a Computing Technology Industry Association course to get a recognized qualification. Taking any class in the computer-maintenance field can help you become a laptop tester.

Get experience in your field. Manufacturers want good feedback from testers, so you may be overlooked if you don't have experience. Any IT work will suffice while you're looking for a testing job because it will allow you to prove your expertise in the field.

Compile a strong resume to highlight relevant experience.

Apply for jobs listed by legitimate organizations. Trade groups, such as Comp TIA, have job boards that list specialty IT jobs. Groups that run certification programs for IT professionals often list job postings on their websites. If you are a true IT professional, you are worth more than a free laptop when you become a laptop tester.

Apply for jobs reviewing laptops for computing magazines and websites. Established magazines and websites test laptops all the time, so you can become a laptop tester for them if you prove experience in computing and some writing skills.