How to Become an Email Marketing Expert

by Contributor

Email is a very potent form of advertising. However, because of spammers, laws are in place that can reduce email's effectiveness. Here are some tips to help you work with the CAN-SPAM laws to help you become an email-marketing expert.

Clearly define your goals of an email mailing. It may be to introduce a product, to introduce you to your customers or to offer something free. Make sure the reader knows what your goal is as well.

Write the email to the interests of your targeted group. The email should include a definite call to action. It should also be concise and timely. Make sure you proofread the email before you send it.

Plan the delivery of your email. Expert email marketers say to send your emails mid-week and mid-day to get the most emails read by your targeted audience.

Ensure you have permission to send your targeted audience email. If you don't have permission, it's spam. If you do business with this person, or if they request information from you, then your email is legitimate. Experienced marketers know to keep track of these permissions in case of a spam complaint.

Import your list into a dependable autoresponder system. Use this to send your emails. A good autoresponder will let you set the time and date of your mailings. You can also choose whether to send your emails in plain text or HTML format along with a host of other options.

Include an unsubscribe link in every email. Make sure you honor any requests to unsubscribe in a timely manner and be sure to remove that name on all the databases you use.

Send emails from the autoresponder with your name or the company's name clearly visible in the "From" line. Make the subject line short and to the point. Expert email marketers know that getting the email opened depends on the subject line. Use tracking software to track opened emails and links.