How to Become a Dish Network Affiliate

By Jennifer Eblin

If you own or run your own Web site and are looking for ways to make extra money, then you should consider becoming a Dish Network affiliate. This program works by giving you a link or banner that you place on your page, promoting the Dish Network. Then you receive a certain amount of money every time someone follows that link and signs up for the Network's program. You can also include the link on fliers and other promotional materials for your own business or to promote a product or activity.

Find an affiliate program from those listed on the Power Satellite Affiliate website. As of 2009, you can earn between $50 and $120 every time you make a sale. Different companies offer different incentives, such as a bonus for referring other people to the program and bonuses based on your number of sales.

Sign up for a program once you pick one that you like. The page lists links to each affiliate program, which makes it easy to sign up for one. You simply need to fill out the application form, list how you plan to market the program and include any other information required.

Add the banner for the company you've signed up with to your Web site and start promoting it through online ventures. There are many affiliates currently making a large income each month just from promoting the link on their website. You might consider writing a quick review of Dish Network, or explaining the benefits of the Dish program versus regular cable.

Promote your link through offline ventures as well. The highest earners are those who not only sell the Dish Network online, but offline too. If you own your own business, consider passing out fliers with your affiliate link on them or holding a raffle for those who sign up on the program.

Monitor your progress using the tools provided by the affiliate program you joined. Most programs give you online access to your account, which shows the number of sales and referrals you've made every month and the total amount you've earned. This helps you see what your promotional work has done and where you still need work.