How to Become a Chat Pal With an American Soldier

By Laura Leiva

Being a chat pall with a soldier or sailor serving oversees requires commitment.
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While soldiers are overseas protecting America's freedom, some people at home want to make that time go a little smoother. One way to show troops your appreciation for their service is by sending them letters, cards or care packages filled with goodies and well wishes from the United States. To become a chat pal, also known as a pen pal, sign up on one or a number of websites to 'adopt' a solider or sailor, or an entire unit.

Step 1

Sign up with a website dedicated to connecting people at home to soldiers and sailors overseas. Three sites that offer this service include Adopt a Platoon, Any Soldier and Operation Military Pride. After you sign up, these sites will either match you with a soldier or sailor to contact, or you can pick a service member chat pal to communicate with through email or traditional mail.

Step 2

Mail a letter or package to your chat pal as often as designated by the organization. For example, Adopt a Platoon requires that you send a card or letter to your pal at least once a week. You will find that adopting a chat pal is like making a new friend and you may find yourself writing more than one letter or email a week.

Step 3

Dedicate time to send your chat pal letter and care packages from home as you would to any other friend. If you begin sending letters, your service member chat pal might begin to look forward to communication from the United States, especially if they don't have many family members back home.