How to Become a Chat Avenue Mod

By Heather Dewar

Chat room moderators help keep illegal activity at bay.
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Chat Avenue advertises itself as the "Web's largest chat site." The website hosts more than a dozen chat rooms, including a rooms for college chat, kids chat and video chat. Each chat room requires moderators who can monitor the incoming users and ban those who make threats or try any other illegal behavior. According to #1 Chat Avenue, being a mod takes hard work and dedication. Competition for a mod position is also fierce as hundreds of people apply each day. However, if you feel you have what it takes, applying is a straightforward process.

Visit the Chat Avenue message boards at

Sign in to the message boards or sign up for an account if you do not already have one.

Visit the announcements forum and click open the thread titled, "Want to be a mod???"

Find and click on the administrator of the chat room you are interested in moderating.

Send a private message to the chat room administrator requesting to be a chat room moderator. Tell the administrator who you are, why you are interested in being a mod and why you should be a mod of a particular room.