How to Beat a Photo Picture Traffic Ticket

by Jay Darrington

Getting a traffic ticket in general is a very unpleasant feeling. Even worse is when the entity that gives you a ticket isn't a flesh-and-blood police officer, but a camera typically at an intersection or other area. Fortunately, there are ways that you can beat the system.

After the incident

Avoid process servers. Many states will notify you of a photo ticket, but not officially declare it a ticket until you have been served with official papers. If you can stay away from the servers for a long enough time, you may have the ticket dismissed.

Request a hearing to argue the validity of the ticket. You will need to go to court and argue your case.

Determine if your face is clearly visible in the car picture. If you can't determine that it's you, it's unlikely a judge will be able to, either.

Search the photo for signs of a yellow light. Sometimes a camera will go off during a yellow light instead of a red, and if you can prove it using the photo, your case will usually be dismissed.

Find out if the cameras used to photograph you were taken by a private firm, such as Photonotice. If they were, you can use this fact to help your case. As Adrenaline Limit puts it, "It's a private business that has a vested financial interest in making sure you are portrayed as doing something illegal."

Preventing future tickets

Stop for any yellow light you see whether you think you can get through or not. This is probably the best step you can take toward ticket prevention.

Wear a helmet that covers your face if you are a motorcycle driver. The camera won't be able to see through the face cover, hence they won't be able to prove it's you.

Drive the car of a friend or someone else's car. If you are caught, you can't be named as the offender since it isn't your car.


  • close This article was not written by an attorney or other authorized representative of the law, and should not be considered as legal advice. Always consult an attorney approved by your state's BAR association for any legal aid you may need.
  • close Only fight the ticket if you believe you are innocent. Do not use these methods to avoid paying a fine if you were legitimately caught running a light or speeding. Remember that the first rule above everything else is to drive safely.

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