How to Make Baseball Cards in Word

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When your child plays baseball, having cards made is one way to commemorate her participation in the sport. No need to hire a photographer or pay a printer; use your camera and Microsoft Word to create these cards.


Take some action shots of your child. Pick out your favorite action photo.


Take a photo of your child holding a bat. Or use the photo the league takes for you.


Scan both photos and save them digitally to your computer.


Find a template online to use at the HP Creative Studio website.


Click inside the first cell and select "Insert." Repeat this into the second cell with the other photo.


Size the cells to the standard baseball card size, 2 1/2 by 3 1/2.


Apply text and graphics over the photos. Double-click your graphic and use the "tight layout" option.


Print out your baseball cards and give them to family and friends.

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