How to Backup iPod Music To Computer

by Richard Kalinowski

Your iPod automatically backs up archived music files, personal preferences and other settings every time it auto-syncs with your computer. If you turned off automatic iTunes syncing, you should periodically perform manual backup using iTunes. With an updated backup file, you can restore your iPod's files to a previous state when an error erases your music or corrupts iPod software.


Open iTunes.


Plug one end of an iPod USB cable into your iPod, and plug the other end into your computer. Your iTunes software automatically detects the iPod, and it appears underneath the "Devices" heading in iTunes.


Right-click on the iPod, found underneath the "Devices" heading.


Click "Back Up" from the list of options. Your iPod is backed up and synced with iTunes. The process may take several minutes. Do not disconnect your iPod until a prompt tells you that the backup has finished.


  • close Apple does not support the use of third party programs for adding music to your iPod or ripping music from iPods, and the backup process doesn't support third party files. To ensure safekeeping of all your music files, you should add your songs to your iTunes account, even if you purchase music using a different program.

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