How to Backspace on a Phone

by Riz Khan
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Cellphones are frequently used for sending text messaging and emails. While operating the on-screen keyboard on your multi-touch phone or QWERTY keyboard, you can often make typos. Backspace enables you to fix these typing glitches. On all cellphones, the backspace key is ergonomically located so it may easily be used while typing messages.


Step 1

Tap "Messages" on your iPhone home screen.

Step 2

Tap the new message icon on the right corner. The on-screen keyboard will pop-up.

Enter your message in a message box. To use the backspace, tap the key beside letter "M" with a left arrow symbol.


Step 1

Click "Messages" on your BlackBerry home screen.

Step 2

Press "Menu" > "Compose SMS Text."

Insert your message in the message box. Backspace can be applied by pressing the "del" key on top of the Enter key on the right side.


  • Consult your cellphone user guide to find the exact key for the backspace function as this key can vary on different models.


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