Backing Up a MetroPCS Online

By Brian Flax

If you want to back up your MetroPCS device, you can use a service called MetroBACKUP. This service enables backup all of the contacts on your current device, so if your device is lost or stolen, you can retrieve them. The service also works if you are switching phones or activating a new device. MetroPCS offers the service for $1 added to your monthly phone bill. Check to make sure the service works with your current device before signing up.

Add the Service to Your Plan

Step 1

Navigate to the MetroPCS website (link in Resources).

Step 2

Click "Sign-in" at the top right of the homepage. Enter your username and password to access your MetroPCS account. If you don't have an account click "Sign Up Now" to register your account online.

Click on "My Account" at the top of the screen and navigate to the MetroBACKUP service. Add the feature to your account. If you have trouble signing up online, you can contact MetroPCS directly to add the feature (see Resources).

Download the MetroBACKUP App

Step 1

Click on "@Metro" on your MetroPCS device.

Step 2

Navigate to the folder titled "Metro Featured Apps" and select "MetroBACKUP" from the list of features and services.

Create an account and PIN number to log in to the MetroBACKUP service. Select "Auto-backup" and set a weekly or monthly backup schedule. Select manual backup if you want to back up your device at a time of your choosing.