How to Back Up & Recover a Toshiba

By Tammy Clevenger

Windows 7 has the Backup and Recovery tool.
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If you have a Toshiba laptop that shipped with Windows 7, you can use the Backup and Recovery tools provided with the operating system to back up and recover the system. Windows 7 Backup and Recovery tools allow the user to back up personal files and data to an external drive or disk. During the initial backup, a "Full Backup" is performed. In subsequent backup sessions, incremental backups are performed. Incremental backups save only new files and files that have changed since the previous backup session.

Back Up the Toshiba

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button.

Step 2

Click the "Backup and Restore" link from the Start menu. The File Backup interface will launch.

Step 3

Insert a CD or DVD into the CD/DVD drive, or connect the external or thumb drive.

Step 4

Click the "Set Up Backup" link.

Step 5

Select the backup media and click "Next."

Step 6

Select the radio button to either allow Windows to select what will be backed up, or choose what files you want backed up. If you want to choose the files, a file selection window will open. Select the files and folders to be backed up and click "OK."

Step 7

Click the "Change Schedule" link to set a frequency and day for future backups, if desired. To do this, select the frequency and day from the drop-down lists and click "OK."

Step 8

Click the "Save Settings and Run Backup" button. The utility will run the backup process. A prompt will appear telling you to insert additional disks if needed.

Restoring Files From a Backup on the Toshiba

Step 1

Click "Start' and then click the "Backup and Restore" option in the Start menu. The Backup and Restore tool will start.

Step 2

Click the "Restore My Files" link in the left selection pane. The Restore Files wizard will launch.

Step 3

Click the "Restore All Users' Files" and make sure the backup media is accessible by the application. In other words, make sure the external or thumb drive is connected, or ensure the first backup disk is in the drive. All files and folders will be recovered to the Toshiba.