How to Back Up Mail in AOL

By Contributor

Updated December 13, 2019

How to Back Up Mail in AOL. America Online (AOL) saves incoming and outgoing email in the Filing Cabinet. The Filing Cabinet can be backed up onto the computer hard drive or storage component. This back-up copy can then be restored in the event of a computer malfunction or purchase of a new computer. To back up mail in AOL onto a hard drive or other storage, follow these steps.

Sign on to AOL.

Click on "Mail" or "Email" on the AOL tool bar. Click "Filing Cabinet."

Right click on the folder to be backed up. Select "Save folder as."

Type a new folder name in the "File Name" field on the "Save Folder Screen." Navigate to the location where the back-up folder will reside. Remember or write down the location of the back-up folder. Click "Save."

Repeat these steps for other folders in the Filing Cabinet.

Close out of the Filing Cabinet window by clicking the red "X" in the upper right corner.


Creating a back-up of the Filing Cabinet onto a hard drive or removable storage device can make AOL run faster. Back up all the email folders to the new destination and then delete the contents of the Filing Cabinet. This frees space, and AOL performance may improve. Locate the new backup folders on the hard drive or removable storage before deleting. AOL "Favorite Places" may also be backed up to the hard drive.


Never use the screen name as part of the new folder name. It could cause conflicts during restoration.