How to Back Up an iPod Without iTunes

By J.S. Copper

When it comes to nearly anything iPod-related, iTunes is often the application most users seek. It is used to configure the device, copy media to the device, sync and update the device as well as create backups. Because iTunes offers so many services, some people are unhappy with the "bloat" of the application. If you wish to back up your iPod without iTunes, you can do so manually by copying all the data and storing it somewhere safe.

Enable "Disk Mode" on your iPod. Disk Mode allows you to use the iPod as an external hard drive, accessing the files on the device. If Disk Mode is not already enabled, you will need to use iTunes. This is the only part that requires iTunes. Connect your iPod, open iTunes, select the iPod, open the "Summary" tab, select "Enable Disk Mode" and click "Apply." Quit iTunes.

Right-click the desktop, select "New Folder." Name the folder "iPod Backup." This is the folder where you will store your iPod files.

Open the Windows Start menu, select "Control Panel," then "Appearance Personalization," then "Folder Options." Click "View." Select "Show hidden files, folders and drives" and click "OK." This will reveal the hidden files on the iPod.

Connect the iPod if not connected. Open the Windows Start menu, then select "Computer." Double-click the iPod in the list of connected drives.

Select "Edit > Select All," then "Edit > Copy."

Open the "iPod Backup" folder on your desktop. Select "Edit > Paste." All files from the iPod will be copied and backed up to your hard drive. It may take a while, depending on how many files and songs you have on the device. Once the copy finishes, you can move the "iPod Backup" folder to an external hard drive for safekeeping. To restore the files to your iPod, copy them back to the device.