How to Back Up Files to a Disk

by J.S. Copper

Backing up your files is important in case your computer crashes. It also makes it extremely easy to move to a new computer, when the time comes. Windows includes a fairly simple and robust back up utility, making the process of backing up selected files to a disk a matter of just a few clicks. Once backed up, you can use the same utility to restore the files if needed.


Insert a blank DVD or connect a USB drive to the computer, depending on your preferred storage method.


Open the Windows Start menu and type "Backup and Restore" into the Search box. The Backup and Recovery Center will appear in the list of applications, click the entry to launch the utility.


Start the back up setup process by selecting the listed option. Select the DVD-ROM or USB drive.


Select the "Let Me Choose" option to manually choose which files to back up. Navigate the tree-menu of the files, placing a check mark next to each item you wish to back up. Click "Next" and review the settings.


Click "Run backup" to begin backing up the files to the selected disk.

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