Back It Up: Ensure Your Data Survives Disaster

by Jason Cipriani

It's amazing when you sit and think about the amount of trust we have given our computers. We save our photos, videos, music, critical documents, and more on our hard drives without ever giving it a second thought. We trust that our machine will work, day after day, keeping our information secure and (somewhat) organized. Of course, this trust is reinforced by the peace of mind you've achieved from backing up your computer on a regular basis. You are regularly backing up your computer, right?

Backing up a computer can seem like it's a complicated task, or that it will take too much time to maintain. Fortunately, neither statement is true. Setting up and maintaining your backup--on Windows or Mac--is a simple process and can be done in little time.

Local backups

Backing up a Windows machine

Backing up a Mac

Off-site backups

Which method do you use?

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