How to Take the Back Off an iPhone

by Mark Pool

Removing the back cover of an iPhone 4 provides access to a few replaceable parts. This includes the battery, antenna and SIM card for the non-Verizon version. Be aware that removing the back cover will void your warranty. If you aren't comfortable replacing electronic components yourself, or prefer to have your device serviced by a technician, it's a good idea to forgo attempting to replace the iPhone's components. Some iPhone 4 models use Philips head screws to keep the back in place. However, Apple introduced a five-point Pentalobe screw on some iPhone 4 models. You'll need a special screw driver to remove the Pentalobe.


Remove the two screws next to the dock connector on the bottom of the iPhone.


Slide the back cover up toward the top of the iPhone. It will only slide up by two millimeters.


Lift the back cover off of the iPhone.


  • You can replace the Pentalobe screws with 3.6 mm long #00 Philips head screws after replacing the back cover.


  • The Pentalobe screws will strip very easily, so it's a good idea to replace them with Philips head screws if you plan to service your own iPhone.

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