What Is the A/B Switch for a Motorola Cable Box?

by Danielle Fernandez

The "A/B" button on the front of your Motorola cable box enables access to two separate input signals being fed simultaneously to your television. With two coaxial connections plugged into the corresponding A/B ports on the back of the cable box, you can use the switch on the front to alternate between inputs -- for example, cable and satellite feeds -- and watch programs from different sources.

Enabling the Connection

The "A/B switch is enabled byway of two input ports on the back of the cable box -- likely labeled something like "Cable In A" and "Cable In B." If you have two video sources that feed signals to your TV over coaxial cables, plug them into these ports. To manually switch between these sources while watching the television, simply press the "A/B" switch on the front of the box.

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