How to Avoid Web Filters

by Betty Quinton

A Web filter is a program run by an administrator that limits the websites the user can view. This program can be avoided if a proxy is used; a website that takes the form of the website you'd like to view, but does not appear to be that site to the administrator.

Navigate to the "Proxy 4 Free" website listed in the Resources section. This is a website containing proxies all over the world that are currently up and running.

Click on the first proxy link listed. This link is usually the most reliable, as it has been added most recently.

In the text box in the middle of the page, type in the page you'd like to go to.

Hit enter, or click "Go". You are now viewing the website you have chosen through a proxy. However, the address bar on your browser does not read the website you are viewing; it is instead an encrypted version of the address.


  • close Using a Proxy website is not illegal, however, breaking the rules and restrictions of an administrator is. Any rules or restrictions your current administrator has given you on browsing should be followed strictly, or will be punished accordingly.

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