Does Avira Have Malware Protection?

by Ashley Poland

The protection provided by Avira varies depending on the version of Avira. Malware is a broad category of malicious software that disrupts your system -- so viruses are malware, along with rootkits, spyware, and phishing threats. The free version of the Avira offers basic protection against viruses but not any advanced security for Web threats and other malware.

Avira Free Antivirus

Avira's basic free anti-virus provides protection from viruses, Trojans, rootkits and worms. This is the most basic type of malware protection, but it'll counteract the most issues you'll face online. The free anti-virus doesn't offer any measure of protection against active Internet threats, only threats that already infect your system.

Avira Antivirus Premium

If you upgrade to Avira Antivirus premium, you get the extra protection from websites designed specifically to infect you with malware. Not only does it stop malicious websites from loading, but it also blocks any websites from tracking your activity on the Internet. It also uses real-time updates to evaluate new threats to your system.

Avira Internet Security

Internet Security offers all the same protection as the Premium Antivirus, as well as adding additional Internet-related security measures. In addition to parental controls, Internet Security offers protection on social networks and protects against email scams. It also provides some extra protection when used on public Wi-Fi networks.

Avira Internet Security Plus

Internet Security Plus offers all the same malware protection as the regular Internet Security software. In fact, the additions to Plus are to help with the load on your computer. Plus removes old files and helps speed up your computer while still providing the strongest possible protection against malware.


This article refers to software versions that were available as of February 2013. Information may vary with other versions.

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