How to Automatically Set Computer Clock

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It's really upsetting when a once reliable computer starts to lose time. Most of us rely on our computer clock to keep us aware of the time spent on the Internet or working on a project on the computer. So, time is important. Here is a way to configure the computer so that it automatically synchronizes the time with a time server. Note: You have to be online for the synchronization to take place.

Step 1

The first step is to open the date and time dialog box located on the task bar on your computer. Should be on the lower right side of the task bar. Double click time to open the dialog box.

Step 2

The date and time box should open on the desk top. Now click the Internet time tab. Check the box that says automatically synchronize with an Internet time server. Then you will see a list of servers. Select a server from the drop down list.

Check apply and close the box. Now every time you go on the Internet Windows will automatically set the computer clock to the right time. Now, there is no need to worry about adjusting the computer clock again!

Items you will need

  • Computer (XP)
  • Internet Connection

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