How to Automate an Excel Spreadsheet

By Stephanie Ellen

A macro can save you many keystrokes.
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Microsoft Excel has macro functions which allow users to automate spreadsheets and avoid entering the same information over and over again. Whether formatting a document a particular way, entering a range of information, or producing the same chart types over and over, a macro can help you perform these tasks with the push of a button.

Step 1

Open the spreadsheet where you would like the macro to run.

Step 2

Click the "Developer" tab, then click "Record Macro." Type a name for the macro in the "Macro name" box, then click "OK." The macro recorder will start to record your keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Step 3

Format the document. For example, design a budget document, make a bar graph, or enter information you'd like to enter in other spreadsheets.

Step 4

Click the "Developer" tab, then click "Stop Macro Recording." Your macro is now ready for use.

Step 5

Run the macro by clicking "Developer," then clicking "Macros." Click on the name for the macro you assigned in Step 2, then click "Run."