AutoCAD Refresher Training

By Bianca James

If you already have experience with the AutoCAD program and just need to freshen up your skills, there are several options you may consider. AutoCAD refresher training can include online tutorials, books or instructor-led classes.


AutoCAD refresher training can be as simple as working through a few tutorials to regain your skills. There are a variety of tutorials available online that are free or inexpensive. Autodesk offers a wide selection of tutorials at no cost that would help you brush up your skills.


AutoCAD manuals and instruction books can help you to relearn the program. AutoCAD books are an ideal tool to keep within easy reach so you can reference them any time you have difficulty remembering a command or function. With a book, you have the option of skipping around or starting fresh from the beginning.


If it has been a long time since you have used AutoCAD, or if you prefer more intensive, hands-on training, then a class might be your best option. Classes are the most expensive option. You will have an expert who will not only help you refresh your skills but will likely teach you a few new skills in the process.