Audix Voice Mail Instructions

By Jennifer Patterson

Using your Audix voice mail requires a few basic steps.
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You can use your Audix voice mail to record messages, create personal greetings, retrieve messages and create mailing lists. This voice system allows campus users to send messages to other campus users who use Audix voice mail. The voice system is not only for the faculty, but also for students and staff. Get to know how to use Audix to get maximum satisfaction.

Set Up Voice Mailbox

Press "Voice Mail" and dial your 5-digit extension; then press "#." You will be prompted for a password. Press "1" and then "#."

Press "1" to record your first name. Press "1" again, and then "#" to approve the recording.

Dial in a password between four to 15 digits. Then press the "#" key. Re-enter your password and press "#."

Press "3" and then "1" to record a personal greeting. Speak your greeting clearly and slowly after the tone, and then press "#" to approve it. Press "1" if you want to use the greeting on all your calls.

Retrieving Voice Mail

Press "2" to retrieve your Audix voice messages.

Listen to the time, date and the length of the message, and then press "0" to listen to the message.

Press "1" to repeat the message or "1" followed by "2" to go forward. Press the "#" key to save the message. Press "*" and "3" to delete the message.

Creating Mailing Lists

Press the "Voice mail" button and log into your Audix voice mailbox to create mailing lists. Press "5" when you hear the activity menu. Mailing lists are made up of a list of subscribers extensions, to whom you can send group information.

Press "1" to manage your mailing list. Press "1" to create a mailing list; then enter the list ID such as "Team 1" and press "#."

Press "1" to make the mailing list private. Press "2" to make the mailing list public. Dial in the extension of each member and press the "#" key. Press "#" to save your mailing list.