How to Get to Your Audiobooks on Your Nook

By Aksana Nikolai

The Nook is an e-book reader available from bookstore chain Barnes & Noble. The Nook stores digital reading materials such as books and magazines. You can also listen to audiobooks on the Nook, allowing you to "read with your ears." This means not having to carry a heavy book with you on the go or strain your eyes at the end of a long day. Learn to navigate through your Nook's library so that you can quickly get to your audiobooks.

Step 1

Press and release the power button located at the top of the Nook to turn the device on. You will see the Home menu.

Step 2

Tap "My Library."

Step 3

Tap "My Audiobooks."

Step 4

Use the Up and Down buttons, marked by up and downward pointing arrows, to scroll through your list of audiobooks. Tap the Select button, which has a circle icon, to choose an audiobook.

You can purchase audiobooks from the online Nook store and download them onto your device. If you purchased audiobooks in MP3 format from other stores, you can transfer this content from your computer to the Nook using the accompanying USB cable.

Step 5

Tap "Open Audio Player," which will automatically appear on the screen, to enable the Nook's audio capability. Plug your headphones into the Nook, or use its built-in speaker to listen to audiobooks.

Step 6

Tap "Play" to begin listening.