Audio & Video Sync Software

By Andrew Mikael

A slate is one tool used to synchronize audio and video in software.
i film clapper 3d open image by Nicemonkey from <a href=''></a>

Audio and video syncing software can line up a video clip with a corresponding audio clip to make the two seamless and coherent. Use this software to sync audio and video captured from different sources, or to correct small errors in existing video.


When audio and video are both recorded on the same device, there is no need to synchronize the two. If they are captured on separate devices, you must line them up before use. Downloading, uploading or exporting a video clip will also occasionally cause a loss of synchronization that must be corrected in software.


In professional video production, synchronizing sound to video is done using a slate, or clapper. The editor will line up the sound of the slate closing in the audio file with the corresponding video frame. For correcting errors in existing video, use a similarly distinctive moment, such as a harsh spoken consonant or object impact.


Non-linear editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Windows Movie Maker and iMovie can sync audio and video, as these programs allow separate alignment of audio and video clips. Smaller programs such as AV-Sync and Audio Video Synchronizer provide this functionality as well without other video editing features.