Audio Noise Filter Software

by Le Bach Pham

Audio software may be able to eliminate unwanted background noise in recordings. However, there are various factors to consider when using audio software that may enhance the outcome.

Recording Levels

Setting recording levels as high as possible will minimize noise. However, setting levels too high can cause distortion, according to O'Reilly Digital Media.

Different Types of Noises

There are a variety of noise removal functions in most software programs. These functions can include general noise reduction settings or program tools specialized for click and pop removal.

Working Conservatively

Users should be conservative during noise removal in order to avoid damaging the source audio.

Preview Result

It is important to preview the result before permanently applying noise reduction. This will allow fine-tuning of noise reduction settings to obtain desired results.

High Resolution Recording

Ideally, recordings should be performed at 24-bit resolution before noise removal. Then, the recording should be converted back to 16 bits before saving.

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