What Audio Files Do LG Cell Phones Use?

By Meg North

MP3 files are the most common audio files used by LG smartphones.
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LG smartphones have the ability to play a variety of audio file formats, including MP3, AAC, WMA and WAV. Each file format has a slightly different standard, and can be composed of lossy data compression or an audio bitstream. Music is added to the LG smartphone through the carrier -- AT&T or Verizon -- or uploaded via Windows Media Player.


MP3 audio file formats are the most popular and most frequently used audio files on LG smartphones. Patented as a digital audio encoded format, MP3 files use audio compression to lessen the size. For its compression capabilities, MP3 files are standard for playing and transferring music to digital audio players and cellphones. Most songs found on all music playing LG models will be in the MP3 format. MP3 files can also be transferred to LG phones using Windows Media Player, which supports the MP3 format. MP3 files can be played as songs or used as ringtones.


AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding and is the second most popular format to be played as an audio file or ringtone on LG smartphones. The AAC format is also standardized and uses what is called lossy compression, in that the file is compressed with some part of it is lost. AAC files are encoded and even though these files have similar bit rates to MP3 files, the sound quality is generally thought of as superior. LG smartphones with audio music capabilities can play AAC files.


Windows Media Audio files, abbreviated as WMA, were developed by Microsoft as a way to compress audio data. Because the LG smartphones can interact with Windows Media Player to sync and upload music files, these phones can play WMA files. MP3 and AAC formats are not specifically owned or developed by any one company, but Windows Media specifically developed the WMA format as a competitor. The file extension is exclusively ".wma." LG phones that use AT&T or Verizon as a carrier can play WMA files.


The LG smartphones can also play .wav files, an abbreviation for Waveform Audio File Format. WAV files were developed by both Microsoft and IBM and predate MP3 and AAC file formats. The WAV file format stores an audio bitstream on computers, as compared with lossy data compression. WAV files are, of course, compatible with Windows operating systems and also LG phones. WAV files can be added to an LG smartphone MicroSD card and then played in the Audio section.