How to Attach Text to a Path in Fireworks

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When you first enter text into an Adobe Fireworks CS3 document, the text lies on a perfectly straight horizontal path. You can change this path by attaching the text to a shape or a wavy line. Attaching text to a path is a great way to create circular or wavy text in your Fireworks document.

Start Adobe Fireworks CS3 and open an existing document that contains a shape or line that you would like to attach a block of text too. Alternatively, you can create a new blank document and use the "Text" tool and "Shape" tool or "Line" tool to create your text and shape or line.

Choose the "Pointer" tool from the Fireworks toolbox on the left side of the screen, if necessary.

Select the shape or line you want to attach text to by clicking on it with your mouse.

Hold down the "Shift" key on your keyboard and click the text you want to attach to the already selected shape or line. Both the shape or line and text should be selected now. You can tell they are selected because they should be surrounded by a blue sizing handles surrounded them.

Choose the "Text" menu and click on "Attach to Path" to attach the text to the shape or line. The text should automatically be brought up to follow the top path of the shape or line.


  • check Once you have the shape and text selected, you can use the keyboard shortcut of "CTRL+SHIFT+Y" to attach the text to the shape.

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