How to Attach a Steering Wheel & Pedals to a PC

By TS Jordan

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Attaching commercial steering wheels and pedals to your computer will allow you to more accurately enjoy all types of racing simulation games. Fortunately for the novice computer user, steering wheels on the computer are beyond their infancy, requiring nothing more than plug and play support for many models. The only real work you will have to do in installing your steering wheel and pedals is installing the drivers, which come on a CD along with your particular wheel set.

Step 1

Connect the steering wheel and pedals to your computer by plugging the USB cable coming out of the steering wheel unit to a free USB port on your computer and connecting the pedal unit to the steering wheel base via the attached cable. This should be fairly intuitive, but consult your user guide if you are having trouble setting up your specific model.

Step 2

Reboot your computer. The computer will auto-detect the presence of a new USB device and alert you to it by placing a prompt in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Step 3

Insert the CD that came with your steering wheel set and press the "Install" button that appears onscreen to install the drivers and the related software for your steering wheel set. This will allow you to modify the buttons on the steering wheel, along with adjusting other options such as the turning radius of the wheel from lock to lock.