How to Attach a Sony Vaio Laptop to a Monitor

By C. Taylor

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Modern Sony Vaio laptops contain VGA and HDMI ports to connect analog or digital monitors to your computer. Older Vaio models may only offer an analog VGA connection, so you'll need to use a VGA monitor on these laptops. Connecting an external monitor allows you to use a larger primary monitor or expand your desktop across multiple screens. Some monitors also include internal speakers which allow you to upgrade your laptop's speakers at the same time.

Step 1

Plug the monitor into a standard wall outlet. Some monitors have the power cord built-in, but other will require you to plug the cord into the back of the monitor as well.

Step 2

Plug the display cable into the back of the monitor. This cable could be a VGA, DVI or HDMI cable, depending on the type of monitor you have. When in doubt, compare the size and shape of the connector.

Step 3

Plug the display cable into the 15-pin VGA or rectangular HDMI port on your Sony laptop, depending on the type of cable you use. For DVI monitors, connect the DVI cable to an HDMI-to-DVI-D adapter, connect an HDMI cable to the other side of the adapter and connect the other end of the HDMI cable to your computer. The supplied display cable for your monitor may also contain a headphone and microphone plug; insert these plugs in the Headphone and Mic jacks on your Sony laptop, respectively.

Step 4

Press "Win-P." Select "Extend" or "Projector Only" with your arrow keys and press "Enter" to enable the monitor.