How to Attach Songs From iTunes to Emails

By Kevin Lee

Share a musical moment with others by emailing them an iTunes song.
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Whether you download music from the iTunes store or burn it into the library from a CD, your iTunes media files resides in a special folder that you can access whenever you like. You can even share your favorite iTunes songs with friends using an email client. While it's not difficult to attach a song file to an outgoing email message, it takes a little work to discover the folder that holds your iTunes media files.

Step 1

Log in to your email client and compose a message the way you normally do. Click the button that allows you to add an attachment to the message. If you need help finding that button, consult the email client's help. After you click the button, a window prompts you to navigate to the folder that contains files you'd like to attach.

Step 2

Navigate to the following iTunes folder:

C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes

Replace "username" with the username you use to log into your computer. If you're using an iTunes version that's greater than 8.2.1, you'll see an "iTunes Media" subfolder in the iTunes folder. Otherwise, you'll see another folder named "iTunes folder."

Step 3

Double-click the "iTunes Media" or "iTunes" subfolder to display the Music subfolder. Double-click that subfolder, and you'll see one or more subfolders that contain your iTunes music. One subfolder's name, for instance, may match a song's name or the recording artist's name.

Step 4

Double-click one of those subfolders and then double-click the song you'd like to attach to your email message.