How to Attach a Signature to an Email

by Keith Ruckus

In modern email interfaces, it is possible to add a signature to an email. This signature is not a literal signing of the user, but a set amount of information such as name, contact information and sometimes a quotation that is automatically added to the end of every email sent out from that interface. These signatures are particularly helpful when dealing with business accounts so that all clients get the required information without taking the time to type it out for every email.

Access the email client server interface. Select the "options" or "preferences" menu. Look at all the available options for adding a signature to an email, and select the "add signature to email" option. The program will open up a sub menu in the interface and allow the body of the signature to be entered.

Enter the information to become the signature. Decide every piece that will be included and type it, separating each piece on a different line. Use different fonts and sizes to highlight the important pieces of information such as the users name. Select the "save" button at the bottom of the interface.

Open up a new email to be sent. Type in the user's personal email address, include a subject and type the body. Send the email and wait for for the email to be received. Look at the bottom of the email and read the signature and make sure it appears as it was intended to. Make adjustments as needed.


  • check Try a different combination of fonts, colors and sizes until a signature is found that really expresses the personality of the sender or company.
  • check It is possible to link several email addresses together to have the same signature attached to multiple email accounts.


  • close Be careful to not add any personal information in the signature that should not be seen by every recipient.

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