How to Attach Web Pages & Links on Comcast Email

by Louise Balle

If you're one of Comcast's over 16 million high-speed Internet customers, you have a Comcast email account by default. Like many online web accounts, this service allows you to attach clickable links to web pages on the Internet to your email. This makes it simple for the recipient to refer to information you mention in the text of your emails.


Sign into your Comcast account (see Resources). Click the "Email" icon to enter your email account. Select the "Email" tab on the next page to enter your inbox.


Click "New" on the Comcast email dashboard to create a new message. Enter your recipient's email address, the subject line and any attachment as usual.


Type in the text that you want the reader to click when he opens your email (for example, "Click Here for the Article").


Click and drag your cursor across the letters to select that word or phrase, then click the "Insert Link" icon, which looks like a globe with an arrow, on the dashboard.


Type in the address of the web page where you want the reader to go when she clicks the word or phrase, then hit "OK." Click the "Send" button to deliver the message, with attached web page link, to your recipient.


Type (or copy and paste) in the web page URL directly into the email as another alternative. Make sure that the full address including the preceding "http://" displays. Send your email—your recipient will receive a clickable link to the web page.

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