How to Attach a Google Maps to an Email

By John Granby

Send a link to your Google Maps directions or event address in an e-mail.
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Google Maps provides a simple interface to search for a specific address or find clear directions. At times, you may want to send a map or directions to others -- for instance, if you are planning a dinner party at a restaurant and want to make it easy for your guests to find it. Google Maps allows you to copy the unique URL relating to your map search and send this to your friends.

Open your browser and go to Google Maps. There is a direct link to Google Maps in the "Resources" section of this article.

Enter the address of the location you want to share in the search box. Click "Search" when complete.

Right-click on the "Link" option in the upper right corner of the map view. Select "Copy link location." This copies the URL link to the clipboard.

Paste the URL you copied in step 3 into your email. This is the direct link to the exact map you see in your Google Maps view. Anyone you email this link to will be able to see the same thing and will be able to find directions to this location from their location.