How to Attach a File With an E-Card

By Jackson Lewis

Screen Shot of Blue Mountain E-Card Web Site
i Screen shots taken by the Author.

E-Cards have been existence as a digital replacement or supplement to a traditional greeting cards since wide-spread email use started in the mid-1990s. E-cards are available through both paid, free and trial-use websites for sending to your friends and loved ones for all occasions. A common drawback in recent years has been the inability to further personalize an e-Card from the options given the user on the e-Card website. Most companies have responded by adding an option to the e-Card to attach a file or another personalized picture to the e-Card as one of the configuration options for sending the card. Blue Mountain e-Cards is one online service that allows you to add a file to an E-Card.

Register for an account at Blue Mountain E-Cards by providing your email address and other contact information.

Select the "E cards" File menu option on the Blue Mountain website. On the subsequent left menu that becomes visible, select an e-Card category from the following options by left-clicking the name: "Birthday eCards, Anniversary, Friendship, Make Your Own, Holidays, Just Because, Love, New! Poetry eCards, Talking eCards, Thank You."

Personalize your e-Card greeting by typing text into the available text field that appears on the next screen. Click the "Personalize and Send" menu button after finishing your message.

Enter the name and email address of the recipient of the e-Card in in the labeled text fields on the next web page that appears. Select the menu button labeled, "Add a photo to your e-Card, Click Here."

On the pop-up menu that appears, select the "Browse" menu button to find the file or image to include with your e-Card and left-click the Image to include with the e-Card.

Select the "Send E-Card" Menu button the next web page that appears. View the sent e-Card and attachment in the courtesy copy sent to your email in-box.