How to Attach an External Monitor to a Laptop

By Christopher Kennedy

Connect an external display to your laptop.
i Monitor image by Caila from

An external monitor connected to a laptop computer allows for an extended desktop, added convenience or a laptop docking station. The most standard connection to connect a laptop computer to an external monitor is a male to male VGA cable which is compatible with most, if not all, televisions and monitors on the market.

Locate the VGA port along the side of your laptop computer. It will also be indicated by a symbol or the words "VIDEO OUT". Locate the VGA port on the external monitor as well, it may also be indicated by the words "VIDEO IN."

Power down both the laptop computer and the external monitor.

Connect one end of the VGA cable to the computer's port and the other end to the laptop's port.

Power on the monitor then the laptop and wait for the external monitor to display the computer's desktop.